There is a possibility that I may go to the United States next year.

Uri didn't know how to treat his employees right.

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Ken's team will win nine cases out of ten.

Could you sign here, please?

Is Marty still there?

Increasing numbers of people in France resented the absolute rule by the king and the nobles of France.

I wanted to say thanks.

He visited China in 1998.

You have to believe me. I'm innocent!

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I can't stand your behaviour any more.

Mysore retired when he was 65.

I'm going to have fun.


She doesn't wash the dishes.

Lea knew that Kamel wanted him to ask her to the prom.

Let me have a look at it, will you?

I told Jerrie to wait for my instructions.

The kid vomited.

The two birds built a nest without a building permit.

Michel would never hit Soohong.


Cheese and other dairy products do not agree with me.

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His parents expect too much of him.

Real isn't on Facebook.

Pratap ended up marrying Tal after all.

Keep your ears open.

We haven't found them.

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He fell flat on the floor.

It'll soon be three o'clock.

She looked as if she had been ill.


The boy likes to walk to town.


Annie ate nervously.

If you hurt him, I'll cut your balls off.

Geoffrey was very cold.

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I have something personal to tell you after the dinner.

The forest was thick and impenetrable.

I don't believe any of this.


She was the only woman.

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She never stops complaining.

Bake in the preheated oven until a paring knife easily inserts into the center of a potato, about 1 hour. Set aside to cool for about 10 minutes.

Let somebody else hire her.

Evan told me what you said about me.

Problems soon developed.

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Believe me, I don't know the answer to this question, but I'm thinking.


Hirofumi bought a larger car.

Polly woke up the children and told them it was time for breakfast.

It sees me.

Our teacher has a wonderful sense of humor.

Some people are gifted with the ability to iron out difficulties while others are born trouble makers.

Where do you want to eat tonight?

Our company is going to be left behind too if we don't create an environment in which we can get instant Internet access.


I was going to do that the day before yesterday.

The discovery will have a momentous effect on the treatment of cancer.

I think Amigo will be all right.

The moon is beautiful in fall.

Rick carefully removed the bandage.

Japan is one of the greatest economic powers in the world.

How long will you be at your aunt's house?


I can't blame her.

How did you get interested in art?

Is there somewhere in Europe you'd like to visit?

A boy can dream, right?

Why not give us a chance?

He used to be a man of fortune.

The whale is a very large mammal who lives in the sea.


Barrio isn't always at home on Sundays.

Please give me a ticket for the seven o'clock show.

Go to the hardware store and buy a roll of insulating tape.

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This meat is chicken.


You don't have to stay.

The whole framework was made of iron.

Great boast and small roast.

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I would have asked about it, but he was absent.

I was made to drink by him.

Tomorrow a distant cousin is coming.

I haven't read any of his novels.

My schedule is rather tight.


Teri went to the beach last week.

I'm older than him.

The lawn needs to be watered.

Vic didn't live up to Donna's expectations.

I'm not giving up.


What time should I leave the hotel?


If Kerri didn't think we needed help, he wouldn't be here.

Rex broke the window pane.

I couldn't make myself understood.

For God's sake tell me the truth.

Would you like more coffee?

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Hurry it up.

I found the missing piece of your necklace.

Life begins when you're ready to live it.

Don't do this to me again.

Leave me alone.

The researchers trained monkeys to play a video game.

There's nobody in the kitchen.

You're sloshed.

If you follow this street, you will get to the station.


When talking about your last results, it is dependent on the last examination.

Have you finished studying?

We have French in third period.

Gold is a very expensive metal.

I took the last cookie.


Bjorne, I've got a surprise for you.

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Most dinner parties end about eleven o'clock.

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Bryan was attending an earthquake conference when Marnix called him.


I took his not coming to indicate that he wasn't interested.

Hey mister, you forgot your coat!

I can't believe I did this.

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I drank about 20 beers but the cop couldn't tell I was drunk and let me go.

The whole place was simply blotted out with the snow.

Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

If a tree dies, plant another in its place.

I hope everything will turn out well in the end.

We need action.

It's hard to get to by bike because it's far away.


I thank you for the trust expressed in me.

In order to make life happy, you must love the everyday trifles.

His abilities were not appreciated in that school.

A slightly lower interest rate could save thousands of dollars over the life of a home loan.

They were fearless.


Geoff wanted to ask a question, but she didn't.

Clifford is the guy that wanted to talk to us.

What do you do when you have a financial disagreement in your family?

Instead of giving Alex a nut each time he said something, she'd only give it when he specifically said "nut."

I'm surprised No didn't know how to spell Sharan's last name.

She didn't want to drink alcoholic drinks every day. However, beer is her favorite drink, so she drinks non-alcoholic beer every day.

I hate hypocrisy.

This wooden chair costs sixty pounds.

Revised's boss's behaviour smacked of crass arrogance.


I'm not going to wait.

We need to make a good first impression.

Last week's snow was limited to a very small area.

I've always admired you enormously.

Charles has to go to the hospital.


I don't think I can, but I'll try.

I've had a busy week.

You could've resuscitated Sumitro.

We are very grateful to you for all the help you have given us.

Cheer up.

He's a fop.

Kelly slipped on ice and broke his hip last winter.

I wonder if keeping your head down and living safely is a survival instinct.

Doesn't he know me?

I was shocked by the price.

Lucifer is in heaven.

I'm sure we have a lot in common.

I wonder if this restaurant has pulao.

I want to be a pilot when I grow up.

This temple dates back to 780.

The road to Hades is the easiest to travel.

He cannot stop me.

Bob is a great kisser.

I thought that he was angry.


I don't think that's what we should be doing.


It's very unlikely that we will ever find a solution to this problem.


Do you think he still loves my letters?

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Saumya can't remember all his passwords, so he keeps them in a list disguised as phone numbers.

I can do it without your help.

I'm pretty sure Naren's dependable.

Aluminium and glass are important materials in civil construction, even though not as important as steel and wood, for instance.

Could you hand that to me?

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I lived in Boston many years.

Don't wait dinner for me.

Vern and Ann had a lot of fun.