I believe in doing the right thing.

She wants her mother's approval.

How many questions were there on the test?

He took to his heels when he saw a policeman.

What is the use of reading magazines?

If I knew where Elliot was, I'd tell you.

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I wouldn't want to get in Cristopher's way.


A great many students were absent from school.

Alan says he doesn't blame Jeffery for what happened.

Have you read the whole paper from beginning to end?

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Loyd needs to organize her room.


He cannot keep a secret to himself.


Anatoly pretended to be Teresa's friend.

You will keep your word, won't you?

Researchers say that it's easier to lose weight if you eat three square meals a day.

Myrick kept on walking.

Aristotle believed that everything on Earth was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.


You'd better go with Matt.

Stick it out.

This is my favorite subject.

Look for clues.

Ping realized that Raja was right.

It can't be true.

It's time the kids went to bed.

There won't be any more secrets between us.

I ran into an old friend at Tokyo Station.

I couldn't believe it when I saw it.

This is a letter from the 15th century.


I'm sorry to see Galen go.

I am unenlightened.

I hate Olof's parents.


It can not be done by some one.

Why didn't you go back for him?

That article makes fun of vegetarians.

Faster, Roxana.

Terrorists were everywhere.


I know the subject well.


Today I saw a very enjoyable film.

I want to buy a gift for him.

It's useless.

He said the president's speech was perfect.

It's easier to stay awake until six in the morning than to wake up at that hour.


Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

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He is such a bad person that everybody dislikes him.

The question permits of only one interpretation.

The task absorbed all his energies.


I'm completely knackered.

The policeman didn't believe the thief.

My wife is ignorant of the world.


Don't fail to come here by the appointed time.

The soldiers fell into rank.

I thought Mechael was a doctor.

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An announcement is expected soon.

Sylvan wanted to be left alone.

The prisoners were treated with monstrous cruelty.

I used to make sure I put a cover over my motorcycle at night.

I don't think this is as funny as you think it is.

Everyone left except them.

Alain wants to know if you're planning on going to Boston with us next weekend.

Some of the college students who are caught cheating on the exams do not even blush.

Let's hope Sharan isn't dead.

Japan will soon start to engage in the exploration of the universe.

Kieran was killed in a traffic accident.

I would do anything for Elric.

I'm sorry I ruined your party.


I think I smell something burning.

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There are a lot of vitamins in oranges.

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This is accurate, I think.

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Keep quiet. The baby is sleeping.


I need to talk to Martin about what he said he would do.

He didn't intervene? But why?

We need to find Marshall tonight.


I love Android phones.

He called the ball foul.

She owes him a lot of money, but she probably won't be able to pay it back.

The war affected the way the Japanese view nuclear weapons.

I was only three when Raghu died.

Children like watching television.

Do you have any knowledge of French?

I'm pretty sure that Charles hasn't seen this yet.

She is old and experienced.


Death is an integral part of life.

I want to ride a motorcycle.

That should last three weeks.

Saify knows he should do it, but he doesn't want to.

He informed me about the changes in the plan.

"It's the age of BL!" "Bee el?" "Yup, Boys' Love. Books and such dealing with romance between boys."

The boy eats bread.

Can you sail a boat?

Kayvan noticed the mistake and corrected it.

I want you to have more relaxation in your life.

I've missed this.

He thanked her for her kind help.

Isn't it always like that?

Maybe we should switch jobs.

The librarian looked quite sick.


His work is making watches.


"Would you like me to put some cream in your coffee?" "Yes, just a little bit."

Can I talk to you a minute?

Can anyone pronounce this word?

Are you taking any other medications?

Autumn is suitable for study, compared with spring.

Sylvan's fingerprints were on the gun.

I have to walk slowly.

To live is good, but it's good to live even better!

You must plug in the connector first.


Sam was born and raised in Ohio.

Hy asked Liz what her father did for a living.

In that pink dress, she was it.

He is an aristocrat.

You do that!

Some of the people in the waiting room were watching TV.

The situation calls for drastic measures.

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There is nothing to regret about.

Fritz angrily rattled the locked door.

Make a wish.

It was just sitting there and nobody was looking, so I took it.

Steen has no interest whatsoever in being fashionably dressed.

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Joe is the one who has to make that decision.

You can give Tandy all of it, if you want to.

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.


I plan to make a trip to China during or soon after the winter.

He gave me a sinister look.

She was kind enough to lend me large sum of money.

Axel's father retired early.

I understand his point in a way.

I've never dated anyone taller than me.

Since I am not familiar with tax, I will participate in a consulting service to receive advice.

I don't want you to say anything.

In Kabuki, not only talent, but also heredity counts.

I'd like your permission to use it.

Bob bragged about his big boat.

You bring the donuts.

Redistribution of wealth is a controversial subject.


I'm afraid that won't be possible.

Tobias seems to have something on his mind.

Do you think this is stupid?

Is that clear enough for you now?

Are you breathing?


Let's do this another time.

You're going nowhere.

He said that he would let us know later about the results of the examination.

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So what's the next move?

That was going to be my next suggestion.

I'll get a fire going.


You walk fast.


He didn't go home yesterday.

The waves usually break when they reach the shore.

A mathematical truth is neither simple nor complicated; it is.

One of my brothers is a teacher and the others are lawyers.

The fly got into the house through a hole in the flyscreen.

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I remember those days.

She was playing the piano at that time.

This is very cheap.


They offered no explanation.

There lie many difficulties before us.

It's obviously a lie.


I'm not usually this inept.


This is the first time I've written anything in Arabic.


You've already eaten the cake?

I'm not doing anything now.

Three of the bodies had gunshot wounds.