We took out a loan in order to buy a car.

I've just seen her.

The number of Europeans who visit Thailand every year is very large.

That talent is much sought after.

I'm not as intelligent as he is.

Dean worked as a physio.

You could have omitted that last phrase in your letter.

Who needs it?

I had my camera repaired at that shop.

He's an atheist.

I asked Randolph where he had been.

Space says he's rich.

There are four seasons in a year, and the one I like most is summer. How about you?

How much do you weigh?


My sister is three years younger than I and my brother is four years younger.

Bearing in mind the durability in washing and various factors this is what we arrived at:

Don't be like Piet.

That's up to her, not me.

I think of watching TV as a waste of time.

No woman is as arrogant as she is.

It sounds like you had a great time.

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Anne seems very pleased with himself.

It's uncertain that she goes back to her husband's home.

What makes you think it's a fake?


I'm sorry, but I can't resist.

I played violin when I was young.

Cathryn believed them.

Rich certainly fooled me.

Be happy for me.

My job is teaching English.

I've never seen you like this before.

The quotation marks are superfluous.

Laurence watched Murthy dive into the water.


We're making good progress.


He was so poor that he could not buy the bread.

Stay in here, please.

Is there something on your mind?

Put your books aside.

What has happened to him?

My brother advised me to stop smoking.

I have a schedule.


What's today's special?

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I hope I can go to Australia one day.

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Why is it out of the question?

He used pigeons in his experiment.

Both mom and dad went to work.

We should do our best to make things different.

He shall pay you the money at once.

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The truck collided with the car.

It's a huge responsibility.

Are they coming as well?

What book did you buy?

We walked about five miles.

Men's wants become greater in proportion to the increase in their income.

Hy isn't as tough as I am.

I grabbed as much SIMM as possible in the computer shop the other day. Say what you like, it was more than just enthusiasm.

Meeks's father was a mean drunk.

He made a few conventional remarks about the event.

Snif, Rover was a good dog.

The star is so bright that it can be seen with the naked eye.

They don't look happy to see us.

What could possibly be that important?

You may take anything you like.

I don't know any other way to do it.

Was the result surprising?

They decided to leave extra food behind.

I'd better talk to him.

They paid no attention to his warnings.

A case in West Virginia established that acquittal discharges a person from guilt, a pardon only from punishment.

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He was born in a small village in the south of Turkey.

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Dan appreciated your letter of condolence.


Rob is rather optimistic.

Donna tried to ignore the pain.

You're the worst thing that ever happened to Valeria.

I'm sorry I made you worry.

He cut a brilliant figure.

I think this is a big mistake.

Can we talk for a sec?

She doesn't like baseball very much.

He is tired of reading.

I stopped listening to the radio.

I can't promise anything, but I'll do my best.

Sergio has to finish this work by 2:30.

Valerie fed the chickens.

We're going to do everything we can.

I am studying very hard.

We're really glad you decided to help us.

Irving found himself a seat.

Denis and Tim failed to reach an agreement.

I'm just teasing.


Do you know how to eat with chopsticks?

Did anyone see you on the beach?

Cole turned green with envy.


It's okay if you go in there and take a seat.

I am on the right.

He took the lead in fighting pollution.

Where can I get a good bite to eat?

Let's go shopping!


Don't forget to let me know when it's time.

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Come on, touch it.

Sedovic is quite conscientious, isn't he?

I am the laziest person I know.


The air conditioner is broken.


You could also say that he's at the bottom of the class, for sure.

I closed my eyes to calm down.

That's not really the point.

I don't think Saqib even knows where he is.

It's crowded today.

Choose alternative questions.

We played cards last night.

Vladimir was seriously injured in the accident.

The dog barked at him.

These apples are good cookers.

He stopped smoking for the sake of his health.

I don't remember!

Your point may be a little off target, but it certainly is close.

Terri says he's an old friend of yours.

I wish I could find out who that was.

There is nothing scarier than death.

That goes without saying.


If you eat that you will die.

I turned thirty last week.

That is because I got up late.

I understand you were close to Mwa.

Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.

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Don't be sad.

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DDT is a carcinogen which was commonly used in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

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I'm just happy I'm back.


What do you say we buy everyone a drink?

Forewarned is forearmed.

I've had good luck with this.

She was looked after in the hospital.

I just learned something new about David Cameron.

Some of those things could be mine.

Please move the chair. It's in the way.


They laughed.

Some of us have things to do.

The tea leaves all point to a merger, if you ask me.


He is known for his scholarship.

School bores me.

He's rich rather than poor.


Seize the opportunity that Santa has given you.

Nobody can disturb a true friendship.

I lived in poverty.

We've been through this already.

Ramesh lets Billie do whatever she wants to do.

She didn't resist for long.

Oh, you know who I'm talking about.

Novo and one other person were seriously injured.

I said I believe in you.

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The children love playing in their new tree house, which they built themselves.


I never had a budget.


We heard screams.

Now, tell me something about yourself.

They watched their chance.


Don't speak unless you are spoken to.


I think I prefer this room as it was, before we decorated it.

It is expensive to live in Japan.

Because Jane is two-faced, it's better to be careful.

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Jeff has been designing ships for over thirty years.


Can you make him smile?


We have to try something.

Thousands of people were there.

I wish I had a good French dictionary.


I really don't know those guys.