I'm no friend of yours.

When we started out, we didn't really know what we were doing.

We can do this without Thad's help.

Betty pressed a button, but nothing happened, so he pressed another button.

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Whoever committed this crime was surely out of his mind.

English is just one of over 2,700 languages in the world today.

I don't have many years left.

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It doesn't have to be like that.

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Syd is struggling to get back in shape.

You may be wrong.

Shane always dreamed of becoming a race car driver.


We don't really feel safe.

Is there a tracking number for the package?

Lipids are organic compounds.

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We'll have a great time in Boston.


Christopher wanted Takeuchi to come to his party.

You have to get Rod help us.

The story appears to be true.


Would you please write with a ballpoint pen?

This road will take you to the station.

Don't go out in this heat with a bare head.

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Please come back inside.


A bee is buzzing around.

At daybreak it was still raining.

He's not working much at the moment.


Joseph says he heard a call from death.

Meditation exercises help me detach for a certain period of time from the material world and connect to the calm of the spiritual world.

It was a close call when the little girl almost drowned in the lake.

When did Geronimo die?

They were getting on in years now.

Eggs tend to go bad in summer.

He claims to have been a business associate of my father.

The capital of the Ukraine is Kiev.

Becky and Linley used to be close friends.

I think we have to tell them.

I'm sorry, but you're wrong.

His behavior is above suspicion.

I must do my homework.

He is dishonest.

I agree with you to a certain extent.

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They caught her.


Constantinople fell to the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

I wish I had brought my computer.

Concerning this issue, I feel that the trash media only report biased information.

Something smells good in here.

It's not healthy for you.

Comedy is something that makes you laugh.

We've lost three games in a row.


Did you sue them?

I see that the fate of the land is making you very uneasy.

Victoria wants to say goodbye.


He brutally murdered his wife.

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Nobody came to my country.

"In my opinion," said the younger brother, "you are wrong."

We overlooked Mayo's name when we sent out invitations.


Ranjit ran as fast as possible.

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I congratulated him on his success.


That's really important for me.


It's a pity that concrete doesn't burn.

They say nitrite is harmful to the colon.

He arrived at the station at five.

I have other business.

Have you paid the rent?

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The competitor twice jumped the gun.

Jiri treated me very well.

The tree casts a long shadow.


The boy is mad for a bicycle.

He's not really your father. Heh-heh.

The job would be difficult.

Dan went to London and married Linda.

Your watch has been found.

He will reside here for a few days.

You're out of excuses.

You can't sell the cow and keep the milk.

Try forming sentences in your native language first, then translate them to English. That way, you'll avoid producing sentences that don't make too much sense and thus can't be fixed.

My car is parked in the alley.

There are giant snakes in this forest.

Please call me at this number.

I'm just glad I could help.

I'm saying that if the real thing comes to her, Sekka won't have anything to grumble about.

Morton is allergic to girls.

I found Jane delighted at the play.

John, who was notably thin, made an effort to find a job that would pay his rent.

She does nothing but cry.

What you give to the nasty, you always regret.

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Howard is ten pounds heavier than Jack.

It's the same old story.

I'm here. Do you want to chat?

The house was big.

The Hawaiian ocean is so beautiful.

Do you want a strawberry? Here, take the one that pleases you most.

I don't want to get bogged down in details.

I thought Gigi was in on it.

Sharks are notorious for having a thirst for blood.

My clock has stopped.

Are they live?

You will need much more money than you do now.

Payment can be made by credit card or cash on delivery.


Gregor never cooks on Sunday.


Gross national product is a nation's total output of goods and services as measured in monetary value.


Why not both?

The exchange of goods and services between the two countries is on the rise.

Magdalena is interested in geography.


Give her a chance.

You need to start taking responsibility for your actions.

Is this a bad time to chat?

The traffic warden was extremely rude.

You'd better believe.

I'll send you the list.

At the end of the sleep the dormant awakes.

Mr. White and I aren't friends. We're just acquaintances.

This is the best dictionary that I have.

His remarks on the subjects are much to the point.

I am not guilty!

Luke didn't seem to understand my French.

She was surprised to find thousands of dollars hidden in her daughter's mattress.


I missed you last night.

We are the new owners.

I really want to help Skef.

In Spanish they use upside down question marks.

Have you asked Herve if he'll be there?

I have run into a problem that is causing the delay of my payment.

You stand up and close the door.

Technological innovation is essential for reducing the cost of current mitigation technologies, leading to the invention and dissemination of new zero and low-carbon technologies and enhancing the capacity of countries to reduce their emissions.

Mosur will go to Boston next month.

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He poured me some mysterious tea.

We're going to want to talk to Sedovic.

Do you really think I'd rather live in Boston than Chicago?

This is not exactly healthy.

It's possible that he came here as a child.

Let's worry about that later.

I've got to stay a little longer.

Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.

Juha doesn't want to live like that.

Instead of just the marketing department completing all their work objectives is not as effective as all the departments working together and mutually realising all the objectives.

You're not allowed to eat those.

Individuals do not exist for the development of the State.

You're way too good for them.

Do you really have to tell her?

His life came to a close.

Every politician must be responsive to complaints from the public, or he or she will become inflexible and make disastrous decisions.

What do you suggest?


What's all the fuss about? Damned if I know!


Time's up. Please pass in your exams.


The book attracted her attention.


You used to love that.

Po and Vadim have helped me.

She means more than my life to me.

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I lived in France for some time.

In America, many people have fences around their homes.

You're so weird.

She'll never forgive me.

He took care of the business after his father's death.

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Many doctors are using some form of absorbable sutures.

Don't give up!

This is the book which you are looking for.

When did you visit your friends?

I'm not your teacher.

Please don't fight.

We need to find him.


Turn off the TV.


We've got to try something different.

I don't know what this is about.

She's just not good at dancing.