I don't know when the machine must be turned off.

I can't keep up with Rhonda, but it's fun trying.

My father lived in Nagoya for 30 years.


When I go on vacation, I'll rent a car.

All at once the lights went out.

Jakob's hair started turning gray before he turned thirty.


I don't think I'd like you as a friend.

That didn't come out right.

You don't have to tell me what to do.

I can't do this now.

It was great talking to you.


Don't tell crude jokes in the presence of my father.

Could you show us around?

Santa Claus, I want to receive a girlfriend for Christmas.

He's going to join our club.

He feels very happy.

I've done more work on my farm in the last three months than you've done in three years.

Brad doesn't play soccer.

If your tongue turns black, you should probably see a doctor.

How many gifts do you think she received last holiday season?


Stephen travels more than his boss.

I'd like you to look at something.

Let's go and surprise Van.


You must be working all the hours of the day.

Where am I going?

I didn't give you permission to leave.

I worked hard all day, so I was very tired.

Isidore loves his children, of course.

Why don't we just leave?

The philosopher's stone could transmute every precious metal into gold.

Real hired a private detective to follow Carisa.

Tell him how you feel.

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We agreed on 2:30.

We have to do without sugar; we're short of it.

Anthony couldn't remember whether or not he'd locked the door.

They fooled me.

The car key was in the glovebox.

Cristina undid her hair and opened one of the buttons of her blouse.

This is probably the place.

Darci opened the glove compartment and got out a pair of sunglasses.

She's lying on the floor.


Give it another hour.

He took off the wife-beater.

The thermometer fell to zero last night.

I was late again this morning, which made my boss angry.

When is the first day of spring?

Hughes told me everything.

His family was poor, and poor people did not often hear music.

Many young people were present at the party.

The thief disguised himself as an old lady.


I go to Hyogo University.


The experiment was successful.

Kerry didn't forget to flush the toilet.

Seeing you always makes me think about my father.

This is something she has done since she was a child.

I've had it with your riddles.

I followed Gregge there.

He likes music very much.


He likes the boy looking at him.

Helen made it quite clear why we had to have the job finished by 2:30.

Do people ever accuse you of being snobbish?

He spends every weekend surfing the Net.

God is sealed in weed, so FREE JESUS!

Have you ever had cheese with apple pie?

Everyone was more or less interested in the arts.


I liked that movie.

That couldn't be helped.

I didn't say it was going to be easy.

Mann gave me one lakh rupees.

Sergio usually gets up early in the morning.


This is all that's left.


It's no use crying over spilt milk.


How've you been, Rudy?

I forgot the password.

You've got to be really careful.

No one likes to hear their work criticised.

It looks like you've been busy today.

I paid for it already.

I want time instead of money.

I didn't leave.

Isabelle saw a notice on a lamp post offering a reward for the return of a lost dog that answers to the name of Arnold.

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Will you light the fire?

It's upstairs.

There are a lot of people.

You should obey the traffic laws when you drive.

Sometimes gestures are more expressive than speech.


I know it's hot.

She pretended not to hear me.

My job is the same as it's always been.

A blackboard doesn't have to be black.

I wrote five letters before I went to bed.


These bananas went bad.

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The door blew shut.


Don't expect anything original from an echo.


I know how much you want to do this.

I just turned in my application.

I've just come back from a long trip.

Peter and Jane are screaming.

The conference will end tomorrow.

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I don't think we have to stay here any longer.

He lives in a trailer park.

My dad bought me books.

I can't. It's too heavy.

Let Clare have his turn.

This coat looks loose on me.

I checked and rechecked, so I don't think there are any mistakes on that report.

Emily saw that Nick was busy.

He knew Uyghur well long before coming to Kashgar.

We've got to be careful.

All girls love horses.


The Statue of Liberty is not tired, and not because it is made of bronze.


I keep studying languages.

She works slowly.

Come here at precisely six o'clock.


What do you all want to do now?

I didn't lie to her.

Case wants to do better.

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Linley wants to study medicine.

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That's much better, thanks.

I love summer rain.

Does objective history exist?

All writing systems have advantages and disadvantages.

I enjoyed working with them.

May I bother you with a request?

Our patience is in much the same condition as yesterday.

That's where we were today.

He graduated from Yale with honors in 1921.

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Send for the doctor.


Olson climbed up onto the roof.

This swan is black.

I cannot do the work on my own.

If you promise something, keep your word.

I think you're going to make it.


We have to be realistic.

A bad beginning makes a bad ending.

Stacy is a self-educated man.

Alberto married a rich widow.

Ramadoss doesn't know what he should do.

In older people, wounds take a long time to heal.

I'll scold him.

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You and I have unfinished business.

This is only a simulation.

His honesty cannot be doubted.

She told us that the road was closed.

Part celebrated his twentieth birthday last week.

It's said that the mayor is on the take.

Naren's a doctor.

Please put the table next to the wall.

Straka was put to death finally.

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I fell asleep listening to the radio.


I'd just like to know what you think.

I'm still too weak to get out of bed.

Leon gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.


That is why she didn't join them.

It seems that she is not pleased with the job.

Kirsten never looked back.


That was the disappointing part.


We have to work together.

The official names of planets and their moons are governed by the International Astronomical Union.

He read the translation of the Quran in Hebrew in less than a week.

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Will you excuse us for a moment?

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I drank tea.