Am I the first?


I'm moving, so I need boxes for my belongings.

Clifford might change his mind.

I have lost my cap.

I'll need at least three days to translate that thesis.

I know you did it.

I'm glad you changed your mind.

I beg your pardon, could you repeat what you've just said?

Sadness is poetic.

Allen has a small penis.

You should read the newspapers in order to keep up with the times.

Who would want to kill her?

I was all the more angry because I was laughed at by him.

Gunnar has his reasons.

I speak a little Japanese.

She took offense at something.

He got drunk and chatty.

I don't want to leave here.

I can translate from German to English pretty well, but the other way around is more difficult.

We're waiting for her.

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I thought that's what you'd want to do.


We're going to have fun.

I don't think that we will be able to solve this problem by ourselves.

Can you fix my car?

The very salty soup is bad.

I forgot to tell Cory what time to meet us.

After seven years of wartime captivity, Tolerant was a broken man.

Vladimir might be a little overweight.

Scot had difficulty in making ends meet on his salary.

Do you have some medicine good for a cold?

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I haven't seen her all day.

Naren cut the cake in half.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.


Not true?

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He is sick.


He compared the copy with the original.

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He congratulated his son on being a top prizewinner.

I think Julianto needs a vacation.

The point is they're too young.

All men are equal.

Hold the line. I'll see if he is in.

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Why are you making that face?

Did you speak with her?

Tell him you'd like to leave.

It's your turn to speak.

She put on her bonnet.

You did nothing else?

Thank you, The. I love flowers.


I'm a little disappointed with my boys.

I really hope Owen is happy here.

Thanks, Bryan. You're a real friend.

What are you all doing in here?

Tell us how you feel.

He felt her hand on his shoulder.

She changed her behaviour in last two years.

A high savings rate is cited as one factor for Japan's strong economic growth because it means the availability of abundant investment capital.

Could you give me your cell phone number?


We should've made Trey stay in school.

If I had known about the plan, I could have helped him.

Hein raised three children all by himself.

You should apologize to us.

Only two Texans were killed.

They, too, were out of money.

He got through with his work.

On a clear day, we can see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

I want to help her.

Did Tor do it?

She must have visited England last summer.


I've received an invitation to dinner with him and his family.


This is Lucia's pen.

Guido seems to be intelligent.

Where did you fell them?

I never got good grades in junior high school.

Valentin seems to be a fairly successful businessman.

He had long hair.

It's not fair!

Sugih has been interviewing people for that job all day.

If Markku had had more time, he would have written Liisa a longer letter.

Speak for yourself.

The lecture is composed by two parts, one theoretical, the other practical.

He made a speech that supported my opinions.

Lin needs to get into shape.


Vinod might not be at Steven's party tonight.

A secure income is an important thing for me.

I laid a blanket over her.

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Can you believe Drew is still only thirteen?

Sports is one of my favorite topics.

Pilar said that he wanted me to help him wash his car.

My parents are quarrelling.

Which movie did you watch today?

It's really easy for me to speak Japanese.

Some people prize meeting the deadline over producing the highest standard of work.

And Jesus said: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

He has a great attachment to this town.

Edmund decided to marry Marilyn.

Jef tried everything.

The whole county is favoring critical budget revisions which promise to protect education.

Among her current projects are several that focus on improving healthcare in Africa and advancing technology in developing countries.

Recently I have been feeling a little tired, so I have not gone swimming this week.

They could be anywhere by now.

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They're dimming the lights. The play is about to begin.

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I wasn't dishonest.


Ms. Mizuta likes that "Buska" character so much that last time she happened by a store that had Buska goods, she homed in on them and bought one on the spot.

Count how much money you have left to see if we must go to the bank.

It's happening again, isn't it?

I'll remember you!

I will go to New York next week.

Nobody saw him leave the room.

You should not sit up late just because it has charm.

Marcel shouldn't have left.

My mom worries all the time.


It's not that I dislike reading; it's just that I have no time.


Duke is no coward.

I am going to work.

If you'd been there, we would've had a good time together.

Lonhyn got home after midnight.

That sounds exhausting.


The price of gold fluctuates daily.

The line has been busy for 30 minutes now.

There are too many people there.


Lucy might be able to help you, if you can't cook dinner for ten people alone.

"I'm too old to be playing with bugs", said the boy.

Everybody wanted one.


It's almost late.


He likes travelling abroad by air.


I think you might need to make a decision.


I didn't believe him at first.


The enemy's attack ceased at dawn.

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He usually gets up at six.


She is out on an errand.

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I sat on something and broke it.


I can't run as fast as he can.

I'm waiting for you to help me.

He knew he did not have much longer to live.

Emma has many strengths.

I've got to find them.

He almost pooped his pants when he saw that spider.

Farouk put Kit in a headlock.

God bless Germans!

I wrote you a letter.

You could afford to buy one of those if you wanted to.

Why do we stroke cats, but pat dogs?

What is this letter?

You're timid.


There are still too many unanswered questions.

Let's stay in close contact.

With the way my luck has be running, it'll probably rain tomorrow.

I didn't like the interface of that operating system.

She'll have to delay her education because she lost her job.

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You can't open a window on a plane.

She decided to drink water instead of soft drinks in order to lose weight.

Joseph was not apologetic.

I heard that Robbin and Raphael got divorced.

I'll marry you if you change your hair color.

This morning Maarten said that his sister is still ill in bed.

No one has heard Murat say Hsuan's name.


Johann had been standing in the rain for what seemed like hours.

I warned her.

No one committed a bigger mistake than the one who did nothing as he could only do a little.

Renu isn't part of this.

Her ethics are flexible.


I'm doing it voluntarily.

I was bored and I fell asleep.

Israel has trouble dealing with this kind of situation.