Look at this picture of her.

Was Jos coherent?


I was frozen to the bone.

Milk can be made into butter, cheese, and many other things.

Yesterday I received a letter from an old friend.

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That house is mine.

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Why would anyone kidnap them?

It appears you're correct, Roderick.

There's one last thing that needs to be done.

Do you have a picture of him?

You said you and No weren't exactly friends.

Despite the fact times changed, he maintains his revolutionary ideas.

Her strongest oath was merely "By Saint Loy!", and she was called Madame Eglentine.

There is no chosen nation on Earth.

I enjoy collecting rare coins.


Tell Fritz I won't do that.

She and I are classmates.

Caroline and Jackye aren't married.


I haven't the foggiest why it is so.

In Montpellier, the tram clattering along used to wake me up every day.

Singing is his thing.

Mysore disappeared into the forest.

Do you know why I'm angry all the time?


I do not mince words.

Nobody else has a chance.

Everyone must die one day.

What are you doing here today?

The situation there is tense.

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Ariel needed help.

Giraffes and ants are distant cousins.

They're very useful.

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There's a grease spot.

Uri lived here for three years.

I didn't like the Prime Minister's speech.


Stop looking at me like that.

This is a private meeting.

It's more expensive to eat at a restaurant than to eat at the school cafeteria.

Kelly worked until he dropped.

He stopped looking for the pearl.

I had to give Dylan time to think about it.

I watched TV for two hours yesterday.

Kathy peeked inside the box.

All right! Everybody around me is so encouraging I'm getting a rush of motivation.

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She was voted prom queen.

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Read your paper over again before you hand it in.

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There's someone behind us.

I can hardly believe his story.

This food is perfect for a convalescent.

Does it exist?

We have to make some changes in our plans.

Do you want to go get a cup of coffee and talk?

Lee made mistakes.

He stuck me with debts of 1,000,000 yen.

Everybody knows, but I don't care.


It needs to be fixed.


Did Daniele call?


I only saw Rodney once.

What he can't manage at will is language.

Ask whether the Russians have already flown in.

That's a lot of food.

No, you don't.

Vilhelm is a nice man.

The dog ate the stale bread and didn't die.

I think you're hungry. Eat.

Bergen is a Norwegian town.

The skirt is too wide for me.

She was asked to give him some money.


I don't mind even if she doesn't come.

We haven't had time to do that yet.

This line is crosswise.

I prefer to turn a blind eye.

I'll ask whether he wants another drink.

"What was for lunch?" "Vance's delicious pumpkin soup. The pot was empty in no time at all."

There's nothing to worry about, OK?

Mark doesn't go to a good school.

Yesterday was Friday and the day after tomorrow will be Monday.


He'll finish the job by tomorrow.


It took three weeks for me to get over my cold.


Subra drew a happy face on the cover of his notebook.

Mix the flour with two eggs.

I don't want any advertising on my website.

I work as a museum attendant.

I want to become a teacher of Japanese.

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The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children.


I'm still eating dinner. I'll call you back.

It was decided that the manager, as the company's representative, would go overseas on business trips once a week.

The genie asked Sanjay to make a wish.


You had bacon and eggs for breakfast, didn't you?

I was afraid to catch a cold.

How will you sort the animals?

Rodent assumes Pedro will be willing to help with the bake sale.

Pitawas ran back to his car.


I think this tastes good.

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Can you change this into American dollars?

Is the store near at hand?

Kees finished the bottle of wine by himself.

Unfortunately I hardly speak any German.

I sold the books.

Olivier pushed the button.

He hung up the phone and went back to sleep.

He has a big house and two cars.

The sheets are clean.

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When he got into the emergency department, they said he just imagined everything.

He looked at me and laughed.

Have you cleaned your teeth?

You don't need to be afraid of making mistakes.

John hit the jackpot. His efforts paid off beyond his wildest dreams.

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Pontus told me he wanted to buy a new battery for his car.

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Romain is spontaneous, isn't he?

It's a gorgeous day.

Kim should've won.

That country is rich in minerals.

It's sick.

Most of the town and all of the schools were reduced to ashes.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Stacey is dead.


I can't see it either.


You're my girlfriend.


Ozan partied until the sun came up.

In the morning, the birds started to sing.

She has shown her room to me.


Did you ever date him?

You mustn't swim in the pond.

It's going to be all right, isn't it?

We're junior high school students.

How much is a ticket to Segovia?

I'm not a doctor yet.

How did we manage to do that?

Courses in Ladino from the 8th of November.

Tracey finished last.

She gives too much money to her son.

His eyes look like those of a leopard.


"C-R-O-A-K! C-R-O-A-K! Dear husband of mine, Tsarevitch Ivan, why are you so sad?" gently asked the frog.

I love walking along the river.

A stream flows into the lake.

Maybe you'd like to come with us.

Now, let me handle it.


That's the nicest thing anyone has done for me since I got here.


I want you to go with them.

Could you tell me the Wi-Fi password?

Cigarette smoke fouls the air in a room.

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Galen seems to be sympathetic.

Stefan often has to take care of her younger siblings.

Shuvra was timid.

They blamed me for my lack of foresight.

The question is how will we deal with this situation.

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What do I get in return?


Coleen bought a Chinese-Japanese dictionary.

Avery looked sad and lonely.

I want Lum to be the one to tell you.

What shall we do next?

I understood everything that you said to me.


I dislike all of them.

In school, The was often bullied.

Walt drinks too much beer.

Santa played his violin.

Chances are Luis was right.

I think it might be necessary to help Jonathan.

Is that really what you want to ask?

What a lot of pens!

Scottish recipe for tomato soup: Pour hot water into a red cup.


We hope to improve with time.